The Artist

What started as a hobby turned into a passion. What started as poetry turned into lyrics. – Parker PL Lewiz


Parker “PL” Lewiz is a songwriter and producer from Brooklyn, NY – a hotbed for talent.  The Haitian-Guyanese rapper notes his musical influences include Big Daddy Kane, the Notorious BIG, and Pharrell Williams.  While hip-hop is his chosen genre, PL’s eclectic taste in music permeates his productions.  Parker PL Lewiz has created a sound all his own, which he dubbed “Trap Hop”, by blending elements of multiple genres of music – from the rock inspired “Root 4 Me” to his EDM-flavored mixtape.

PL started out as a young artist learning from music mentors in Brooklyn before he moved to Los Angeles to hone his craft.  He released his first mixtape, “A.G.N.B” (2012). He followed that up with “Classical Music 101″ (2012) and Classical Music 102” (2013).  PL released “Euphoria” (2015) and later “From Dog to God 2” (2017)”. For a full discography click here.

When Parker PL Lewiz not making music for his own albums, he is either mentoring new artists in SoCal or lending his production talent to artists across the country in places like Atlanta, Tennessee and New York.


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