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DIY: Do It Yourself

Life doesn’t play fair! It’s cold… And will continue to go on without you! How you handle adversity will forever define you! Kinda dark, but very much true.

Let me tell you what I mean

I was gearing up to begin recording some new music when I got the news that my engineer and long time friend, Louis Conway of Til Death Studios in LA, had passed away. It was a double whammy!!! Not only did I lose a great friend, but I had also lost my engineer. My right hand man in music!

I couldn’t bring myself to record, nor did I want to go out and find another engineer.

Fast forward a few months later. I start getting the itch to record again! I wanted to call Louis but of course I couldn’t. So I just started recording verses on my phone as voice messages. Voicemails for the homey upstairs if you will. My wife told me one day “you need to do something with those messages cause those new bars got a whole new vibe to ’em!!!”

That’s how the “Thru The Wire Series” came about. I layered the messages over dope beats, including Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle” and Torey Lanez’s “Shooters” instrumentals. To date, the “Thru The Wire Series” has received over 25K streams on SoundCloud.

With a buzz growing the next step was to begin making songs again. But without an engineer, how would I make it happen?

I locked myself away for a month, figured out how to make it happen, and got to work. After tons of sleepless nights with lots of trial and error I was finally able to make it work! I’m incredibly proud of my upcoming EP “Enough Is Enuff”. I did EVERYTHING myself: produced the beats, wrote the bars, recorded the tracks, mixed them, and mastered them!

How you handle adversity definitely defines you. I am a hustler! Period.

I didn’t let outside circumstances stop me from making my goals come true. ENOUGH IS ENUFF is coming soon with the lead single, “Ran Outta F****” out now on YouTube and streaming services, such as Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, and more.

I’ve also got new music on my SoundCloud, “I.D.C.”, which features the classic Sweet Micky track “I Don’t Care”.

Parker PL Lewiz IDC I Don't Care

Stay tuned for more videos and release dates.

Peace ✌🏿

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