The 100

The Beats Vibes Life Podcast just hit a serious milestone. 100 EPISODES!!! We shoot the shit every Wednesday about everything from Golden Era Hip Hop to today’s Twitter tea and have a blast every minute of it.

While I haven’t been a part of every show, I’ve been tuned in since the first one. NerdSoul and Arckatron, the show’s originators, asked Anwar HighSign and me to be guests and well, we’ve been blessed to be on ever since.

We’ve affectionately dubbed ourselves The 4 Hawsemens, and I honestly couldn’t think of a better name! We all bring our unique ideas and thoughts to the table creating some of the best “barbershop banter” you’ll ever hear! It’s fun! It’s a brotherhood! It’s a way of life! I love my brothers for life! I’m honored to be a part of something real! I’m humbled to be apart of one of the dopest podcasts out right now! Salute to my guys!!!

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